Choose Life

Live like you mean it.

Like it matters.

Every task God asks us to do is ordained by Him.


Is washing the dishes holy?

Yes, if you wash them for Him.

How bout taking your daughter to volleyball practice or fixing the hole in your son’s school pants?


What about driving a truck or teaching children?

When God gives you responsibilities, you can either do them half-heartedly because you have to…

Or you can joyfully tackle them, knowing they are a precious offering to God.


Make those mundane tasks a sweet smelling sacrifice to God.

Change your attitude to joy.

Purpose to choose life.

You’ll be surprised how fun these tasks suddenly become.

Not all the time, of course, because we’re human.

We forget.

Daily tasks overwhelm us and we are suddenly annoyed our children are involved in any extracurricular activities whatsoever.


Pause and ask God to order your day.

Ask Him to involve your family in what He wants you to be involved in.

Once you have peace in your heart with the duties on your plate, offer that service as an offering to God.



Your heart will be peaceful and your soul will be at rest.

God will work through you and bless your family.

If you choose irritation instead, your spirit will be troubled and that will spill into the other people in your life.

Choose life.

Not only will God will be pleased, but your spirit will be at rest, and your home will be full of peace and joy.

A beacon to the weary, even if that weary soul is you.


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