Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who had a big heart and lots of love to give.

She lived with her sweet parents, younger brother, and 2 kitties.

Her world was her room, which was filled with toys, dolls, and books.

She wanted for nothing.

She had everything.


As she played with her dolls, she dreamed about her future.

Her playmate and her married multiple times in the backyard among stuffed animals as witnesses.

She prayed and asked Jesus into her heart, sang songs at church, and twinkled her toes during dance.

Her fingers began to fly over the keys as music became her companion.

She wanted to be a concert pianist, gymnast, or a fashion designer.  As unsure as she was about her job, she knew she wanted to live in a high rise condo in the heart of NYC.  Wearing heels to work of course.

Life wasn’t perfect, but it was amazing.

Life was simple.  Beautifully simple.

Junior year of high school, she was swept off her feet by a shoemaker who lived in her village.

After years of dating and engagement, she was married during a huge church ceremony with all the trimmings.

She had four beautiful smart children.  Life settled down into the mothering role she had always deep down wanted.

She nestled her babies in her lap.

She sang them songs, laughed at their antics, and went on lots of walks.

They collected leaves to press, carved pumpkins, made cookies, and read thousands of stories.

Life wasn’t perfect, but it was amazing.


A few years later, the shoemaker departed, seeking a life elsewhere.

The little girl, now a grown woman, was reduced to tears as she picked up the pieces left.

She was strong for her children and they all worked together to make their home as safe and peaceful as possible.

She knew God was still on the throne and would see them through safely to the end.

Life wasn’t perfect, but it was still amazing.


After awhile, she began to feel lonely.  Like part of her soul was missing.

God was there and told her not to worry, that He would take care of it.

And when she least expected it, her Prince Charming rode into town and stopped at her house.

He picked her up for dinner and they were together forevermore.

They became the best of friends and loved the other with all of their heart.

She stood amazed at God’s provision.

God knew exactly what was missing for both her and her Prince Charming.

And He amazed them both.

Looking back at her life, she recounted all of the details God had provided for her.

And as she began to think back over her life, her smile spread over her face.

Even in the darkest of times, God had been there.

He was in the tender care of her parents.

He was in the protection of her shoemaker while he was there.

He was in the sounds of her children as they played and grew into the miracles they were.

He was in the tender love of her Prince Charming.

He was there in the dark of night and light of day.

Every moment of every day.

And life was amazing.


And they lived happily ever after.

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