John 10:4

When He has brought out all His own, He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him, for they know His voice. John 10:4

When we place our lives into God’s hands, He guides us.

We trust Him and in return, He guides us step by step.

Can be comforting when you realize Who is now in control.

Even when He leads you into the dark.

When God guides us into an ugly part of life, what do you think He feels?

Does God seek to cause us pain?

Does He enjoy watching us suffer?

Absolutely not.

It pains God to see us suffer.

But He sees the bigger picture, even when we do not.

He knows what must be endured in order to gain victory.

He knows we must walk through certain things life throws at us.

But when we trust Him through these times, God’s peace remains.

Trusting God in the dark is difficult, but we have help.

Romans 8:34 reminds us that Jesus, too, intercedes on our behalf.


God is Sovereign.

He was in our past, remains in our present, and will always abide with us in our future.

He knows absolutely all things.

As our Father, He blesses us, sometimes allowing pain, knowing the path we must face.

But He is always with us no matter what meets us.


God, who created ALL things, walks with us each and every day.

He longs to know you.

To be your all in all.

As you walk, run, or crawl through life’s days, remember to take His hand.

He will squeeze it with comfort on those ugly days.

And He will grasp it with joy on the beautiful days.

And all the ordinary days in between, He will remain Your most faithful friend.

So cry with God when you have hard times.

And let Him rejoice with you when things are amazing.

Trust Him as He brings you out, guiding you with Himself.

For when you trust Him, you are His sheep, guided by His voice as He goes before you every step.

Photos by Sam Carter, Michelle McEwen, Joe Green, City Church Christchurch, & Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

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