Warsaw Grit

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8

Recently finished a book one of my daughters gave me for Christmas.

Love WW2 historical fiction as it draws me into a time where heroes multiply.

Reading about Dr. Korczak, a teacher who ran his orphanage full of parentless children, was touching to say the least.

While in the ghetto, he began working with another hero Irena Sendler, a Warsaw woman who saved over 2,500 children during the war.

Reading about Irena made me smile as I had just finished a book about her.

I love it when books talk about each other.

Dr. Korczak had to move his orphanage into the Warsaw ghetto, a small section of the city authorities forcefully moved all Jews.

Who was working to smuggle children to freedom?

Irena. The two met regularly, working to save those they could.

Dr. Korczak’s book ends with soldiers marching his orphaned children down the street into the waiting train cars.

He would not leave them.

They needed him. Even unto death.

As they left, he encouraged singing, one boy playing his violin as they emptied the streets of their voices.

Irena saw him go and wept.

While reading Irena’s book, she described the child’s parade out of the ghetto. Extremely moving.

I thought to myself, what an example of pure love.

Dr. Korczak had multiple opportunities to escape the ghetto, forging a new life for himself with a new identity.

But he refused to leave.

He refused to leave his family. His children who counted on him.

They were his family.

While he was unmarried and without natural children, he was a father to hundreds.

A hero.

The love he exhibited was so deep, it touched the hearts of everyone around him.

But you know what? God loves you even more than that.

From the day you were born, He continues to smile at you.

He weeps when you weep.

And He smiles when you smile.

God sees you. The whole you and He loves you so very much.

Creating you for such good things, do you trust Him for your everything?

Release your future into His hands.

Rest in the knowledge that He holds your today, your yesterday, and all of your tomorrows.

Just like Dr. Korczak led his children in good times and bad, God will go to the ends of all the world with you.

Because He loves you just as you are.

Photos by Sixteen Miles OutAnita Austvika, Piron Guillaume, Andrew Yurkiv, & Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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