Ephesians 4:27

And give no opportunity to the devil. Ephesians 4:27

How many opportunities do you hand the devil?

During the day, how many times do you seek yourself over others?

Your selfish whims over the needs of your family?

How many times do you listen to the lies the devil whispers into your ear?

He’s there, literally all the time, wanting to influence you.

Wanting to fill you with his poison.

Whenever you listen to his lies, you give the devil an opportunity in your life.

Whenever you agree with him, you give the devil an opportunity to influence you.

When you submit to fear, you hand the devil a foothold.

The Bible, God’s precious word to us, asks us to give the devil no opportunity in our life.

And yet we regularly do.


Because our flesh agrees with the devil.

We agree we are unworthy.

We agree we are unlovable.

We agree we should be number one.

As humans, we are vulnerable to lies from the pit of hell.

But with God, we can withstand the evil onslaught catered specifically for our fears.

God declares we should not give any opportunities to the devil.

Yet we do.


Stop agreeing with lies.

Stop agreeing we are weak.

And stop agreeing we are less than.

God has won the war.

God is and was and will be the ultimate victor.

Choose to agree with God.

And choose to give no opportunity to the devil.

Photos by Giulia BertelliTim MossholderNadine ShaabanaAnwaar Ali, & Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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