Slapping the Devil

What situation in your life begs God to enter?

Something you have zero control over?

I know, you have control over your reactions, but not over the actions or responses of others.

You have no control how other people will react or sometimes not even care.

You also have no control over circumstances thrown your way.

Sickness, job loss, inflation, an inconsiderate spouse, ungrateful children, the threat of war.

You can only control your reaction.

What does your flesh immediately do when faced with any of that ugliness?

Become wrapped in self-pity as unloving or fear try to walk back into your mind?

Seems justified, yes, but that choice brings darkness.

Walks you away from God and His love for you.

What if instead, you began to thank God for walking with you, for providing you a continued walk with His peace?

And what if you continued to thank God for your circumstances and His provision for all things we pray?

You’d be slapping the devil in the face for sure.

I don’t know what you think, but to me, when we step out in faith while slammed by life outside our control, there’s a bigger hallelujah sung behind us.

Bigger than when we are simply obeying God through flowery, sun-shiney days.

When we choose to ignore our pity party, celebrating God’s goodness instead, the sting sent the devil’s way is a little more obvious to him.

A little more painful. A wee bit more disappointing.

The devil knows you, knows your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Why give him a good time instead of you?

Give him a bad time. An absolutely horrid time.

Keep showing him Who is boss over you. And it’s not him.

While life is often completely unfair, remember God is always kind and just to you.

He’s always with you no matter your attitude. And that’s not fair to God.

So resolve to give the devil a hard time by ignoring your fleshly cries, filling yourself up with God instead.

In return your days and nights will be even better.

The devils’ not so much.

Photos by Nick Page on Unsplash

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