Running to the Father

God created you.

He created you perfectly for His purposes.

His purposes are higher than ours, so rest assured, your life is meant for good.

Your life is set up to bring God glory, while influencing others as only you can.

You are unique, designed with a purpose.

When God created you, He set out a perfect plan for your life.

When we choose apart from Him, we mar His plans for us.

But when we yield to Him, submitting our entire selves, we allow His perfect plan to unfold.

God sees you living under His influence, bringing others to Himself.

But it’s our choice.

Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to live within yourself.

You might be the connection God had in mind for that person.

But you messed it up.

Yes, God can reach anyone through anything at anytime, but you matter.

Your witness matters.

You are in God’s plan as He brings others to Himself.

Will you help or stand in the way?

Photos by Jo Jo & Alexandru Tudorache on Unsplash

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