Life is really all about perspective.


When life bites you, all you want is a small break.

Any relief, really.

More particular.

But when things are smooth sailing, you’re pickier.

At the beach this week, our home was about 12 houses from the ocean.


More like two blocks.

Yet the girls nicely complained about walking to the beach.

They wanted a ride.

It’s perspective.

If you told them back at home, the beach was literally two blocks away, they would have ran down to see it. Often.

Would not have hesitated to use their two feet.

But at the beach home?

It’s perspective.

Do you complain about anything? Your house? Your job?

All the overwhelming choices at the store?

America is the land of the free, home of the brave!

So many people in our world today would happily change places with us if they could.

Instantly. They cannot comprehend our complaining.

Change your perspective.

Me? I absolutely adore the beach. Wish I could plop Omaha right by the ocean.

But what decided to visit me while vacationing? A giant cold. Seriously sneezing.

And no, I’m not allergic to the beach.

But I literally don’t care. I’m where I love best.

What blessings are staring you in the face today?

Might not look like what you pictured.

Might even be used to it, looking for more.

So look again, asking God for His perspective.

He sees you, knows you, and loves you.

He’s got your best in His mind.

So while you seek His thoughts of you, mirror Him with your perspective.

Stop complaining and walk to the beach.

Photos by redcharlie, Petar JadekColton JonesSean Oulashin on Unsplash

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