I Refuse

..to allow my child’s negative attitude bring mine down to their level.

..to participate with fear when it whispers into my ear.

..to give worry any seat at my party when I know God holds my future in His capable hands.

..to withhold forgiveness from those who don’t deserve it.

..to filter life through a negative lens.

..to dwell on justified wrongs from others instead of living within my blessings from God.

..to participate with negative attitudes from those around me.

..to focus on what I don’t have, switching to all the blessings I do have from God.

..to agree with the lies from the pit of hell, instead purposing to agree with who God says that I am.

..to find my worth in ungrateful children who have not matured to what God has given them.

..to rely on the world to give me my worth in their terms.

..to define my value in the world’s unreachable standards.

..to stoop to the devil’s level as he tries to fill my head with destructive thoughts.

..to rely on myself, instead relying on God and His Holy Spirit to fill me with His power and all truth.

..to be a door mat, ignoring my God-given desires, quietly asserting my value within my home.

..to be ungrateful, instead smiling as I remember all the good things God has given to little ole’ me.

..to forget what my salvation has cost my dear Savior who sacrificed everything.

..to define parenthood on the ungrateful whims of children no matter their age.

..to seek my selfish desires above what plans God has for me.

..to expect more of others than they are capable; God is everything, filling in holes created by others’ lack of compassion or thought.

..to keep pursuing my own selfish ambitions, instead asking God what He has for me and my future.

..to listen to the devil as his only purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy all that I hold dear.

May God give us His strength to purpose our thoughts only on Him.

He is all that we need.

May God fill us up with His strength, power, peace, and love as we go forth spreading His purpose to others.

Listen, my friends, to our Lord, ignoring your flesh and the devil’s deception which foil God’s plans for you.

Photos Priscilla Du Preez, Drew Beamer, Miguel Bruna, Clay Banks, Heather Ford on Unsplash

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