Simple Faith

Who is the man who fears the Lord? Him will he instruct in the way that he should choose. Psalm 25:12

Christianity is really very simple.

We are nothing without God.

Less than nothing.

Sinful, destined to live forever apart from God.

God created us. Loving us so much, He threw us a lifeline.

Jesus died in our place.

When we believe in this free gift of salvation, God is forevermore with us.

Abiding literally in us.

That’s the simple part.

When we choose God, He resides within our heart.

With God in us, why do we ever allow worry to peek out?

God will take care of it.

With God in us, why do we nurse our fears?

God is bigger than any fear and He is taking care of everything.

If we really trust that God is dwelling within us, His power is a billion trillion quadrillion times more than any stupid fear, doubt, or worry.

Remind yourself God is here.

God is here and He is bigger than anything you face.

With Him by your side, you can be filled with His perfect peace as you face whatever comes your way.

How dare we become so wrapped up with ourselves, we forget Him?

Repent and move forward with your complete trust in Almighty God.

Become so dependent on Him your mind is trained to immediately squelch fear with faith.

Going forward, replace fear with trust.

Replace unnecessary stress with peace.

Psalm 25 reminds us God will instruct us when we fear Him.

Will you fear Him, trusting His plan for your life?

Thank you, God, for saving us not only for eternity, but saving us from ourselves. We are nothing without you. Continue to remind us of your awesome presence constantly residing within us. With You continually on our mind, we can remain within your perfect peace as you instruct us in the way You choose for us. Amen.

Photos by Ugne VasyliuteKarsten WürthJamez Picard, & Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

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