Teeny Tiny Thanks

Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful.

We have SO much to be thankful to God for.

Life, our very breath breathed from God Himself.

Family, those to whom we would do anything to help.

Another day, pregnant with possibilities.

God, the creator of ALL things, who whispers His love to us every day.

Worship music, which allows us a tiny glimpse of worshipping God in heaven.

Nourishment for our mortal bodies as we keep walking on this earth.

Pure water, filling our teeny cells with life.

The Bible, which, when opened, allows us to see the very heart of God.

Shelter from the storms of life, whether a home, room, or cozy dorm.

Paychecks from our jobs, which allow the bills to be paid on time.

Blessings, which look different for us all, but every single one is precious, nonetheless.

Coffee, the drink from God, which allows us to do all He asks of us.

Kidding, kind’ve.

Wisdom from on High, which helps us choose just what He wants us to do.

Peace from God, which passes ALL understanding when considering what path we sometimes walk.

Pure joy, the fruit of the Spirit most unexplainable.

When we have joy in the midst of life’s sufferings, the world notices.

Joy in the storm proves God is above it all.

And He is.

Above it all.

God is above our wants and desires.

He is above our family.

God is above our past, present, and future.

God is our ultimate thanksgiving prayer.

God, who created ALL things, wants me.

He wants all of us to be His.

Surrender afresh again to Him alone.

And with thanksgiving, give Him your very self.

He will faithfully fill you with enough to not only survive, but thrive.

And thank Him for the hurt.

For the ugly.

For when we are in the midst of the fire, we see You more clearly.

We see Your suffering for us on the cross.

We see our human need for You.

We are humbled once again as we seek Your face.

So, yes, we are thankful, very thankful for the churning seas of life.

Thank you, God, for all You do for us, the good and the ugly.

We could not even breathe without You.

To You, everything we owe.

And we are so very thankful.

Photos by Simon Maage, Volodymyr Hryshchenko, & Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

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