But God

It’s impossible.

But God.

Utterly unattainable.

But God.

Completely devastating.

But God.

Simply too much.

But God.

It’s like you’ve forgotten all about Him.

His power.

But God.

Two words with big meaning.

Heard this phrase years ago, don’t remember where.

Today, those words plopped back into my brain.

But God.

The first word is a conjunction – a coordinating conjunction if you care to know the type.

Connects words and phrases together.

One could use the conjunction and instead.

And God.

That works as we include God.

Not as powerful in my humble opinion.

But God shows me everything stops because God enters.

It’s all impossible, except for one variable: God.

Almost like you’ve forgotten the climax to the movie, or the surprised twist at the end.

By placing the phrase But God at the end of your story, there’s hope.

A future.

More to come.

And that future has the all powerful, all knowing Lord writing the end of your story.

Each situation, big or small, can include God.

But it’s up to you.

What words will you utter when faced with difficulties?

Why me?

Or –

But God.

Go ahead and ask God why He’s given you this trial.

But end your whispers with But God.

Ask Him to finish your story.

He has a beautiful ending, if you’ll only let Him enter in, bringing Himself in all His glory.

Photos by Vladimir Fedotov, Pawan Sharma, Mantas Hesthaven, & Dalton Touchberry on Unsplash

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