Where are you?

I’m over here.


Here. In the corner. I’m a huddled mess.

You are? Oh, now I see something over there. What did you say you were? A huddled mess?

Yes. I’m crouched down in the corner.

No, you’re not. All I see is a giant warrior standing tall.

You do?

Yep, in the same corner you say you are.

What do you see?

A giant warrior wearing shiny brass armor covering every square inch. And a gleaming helmet. Oh, and a beautifully sharp sword.

In my corner? You don’t see me?

Hold on, let me walk over. Now, do you see me?

Yes, I see you coming towards me.

But I’m walking towards the warrior. Wait. That’s you.

Me? I’m the warrior?

Yes. Look down. What do you see?

Oh my goodness. I see a sword. And armor. And I’m looking through a helmet.

God has covered your weak self with His very own power. You are literally no longer a huddled mess.

But I still feel like a complete wreck.

You might feel like that, but you don’t look like that with God’s power covering you.

I see a warrior.

God’s warrior.

Remember praying for God to fill you with Himself earlier?

You are now covered by God, because you have chosen Him.

Now when the devil looks at you, he sees God’s protected child.

Guessing he won’t even bother messing with you looking like that.

I wouldn’t want to mess with you covered in God’s power like you are.

So even though I feel like the same person, when I prayed for God to fill me with Himself, He actually covered me with His power?

Hallelujah! Well, this changes things, now doesn’t it?!!

Watch out world, here comes a child of God!

God has set me free and I will stand tall because His power lives in me.

Why would I ever want to leave the power of God Himself?

Oh God, please fill us up with Yourself today, tomorrow, and always.

May we constantly be reminded that we are Your child.




And let us never forget to live within Your power as we fight every lie, sinful deed, or selfish way.

Photos by Nik Shuliahin, Brownyn Erb, & Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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