New Year

I love New Years.

Do you?

Nothing like a fresh start.

Clean slate.

A reset.

Are you resetting anything?

Wiping anything clean?

Looking back at last year’s goals, I actually did pretty great!

How ’bout you?

I accomplished over half of my goals, plus more.

2020 was a horrible year by many accounts.

If you focus on quarantine, riots, lawlessness, cheating, etc., you could become overwhelmed with negativity.



But remember: God is on the throne.

Always and forever.

And I’m choosing to focus on that.

My God has a plan, has had a plan, and always will have His plan.

Speaking of plans, I have decided to read through the Bible chronologically this year.

As a type A personality, it makes me nervous skipping around the Bible, not merely reading in order.

But I’m excited!

Ever read the Bible this way?

Join me!

Find the downloadable plan below:

This year, let’s focus to place God first in our lives.

Let’s resolve to give Him our absolute everything.

And when we do, 2021 will be a great year despite anything that comes our way.


Photos by Jude Beck, Özgür Öztürk, & Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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