Wonder Woman ’84

How are you blocking God from showing you what He has for you?

How are you blocking your freedom from springing forth?

How are you blocking God’s peace from covering every fear?

How are you blocking the very presence of God through what you hold too near?

When we hold onto things we shouldn’t, we block our progress.

When we hold onto the way we think things should be, we block God from moving.

When we hold onto our old familiar fears, we block God’s peace which passes all understanding.

When we hold onto things from the past, focusing on the loss instead of the present, we block God from carrying us into the future He has for us.

Yes, God is sovereign.

Yes, He can do anything.

But He allows us to choose.

We can choose to stay stuck with ourselves or move into the freedom He has for us.

Forgive me, but I must bring up Wonder Woman.

Yes, the female super hero in the movies today.

Watching Wonder Woman 84, she wrestled with letting go of her first love.

By focusing on that loss, she slowly lost her super powers.

Only when she let him and the stinging pain completely leave did she regain her superhero strength, pivotal to her destiny.

Completely applies to us and what we hold onto instead of God.

When we hold onto things instead of giving them to God, our “super powers” are blocked.

God’s peace cannot penetrate.

Fear stays.

Deep disappointment overwhelms.

Give every little thing to God.

Everything from your past, present and future.

Only when we let old things go can we move into the amazing plans God has for us.

Let the disappointed dreams go.

Let the past hurt rest.

And let God fully reign.

Photos by Priscilla Du Preez, Jack Ward, Helena Cook, & Jared Subia on Unsplash

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