Whose Are You?

Are you your own?

Or are you God’s?

Do you live for yourself?

Or do you live under God’s breath?

Living for yourself can be fun, I will admit.

But it’s also sad.


And it’s a pit that never ends.

The deeper you go into yourself, the farther away you are from God, who, in fact, created everything, even that pit.

The more you chase the world, trying to find yourself, the lonelier you will remain.

What if, instead of chasing selfish whims, you chased God’s will for you?

What if, instead of slipping deeper into a selfish pit, you walked God’s plan for your life?

When you remember Whose you are, you’ll be able to stand a little taller.

When you remember Whose you are, you’ll realize none of it matters.

The matching tea towels.

The latest athletic shoes.

The perfect family photo.

None of it matters because it all points to you.

Stand up.

Stand tall.

And stand for the One who was born for You.

Because Whose you are matters more than who you are.

Photos by Fadi Xd, sergey mikheev, & Em M. on Unsplash

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