What is morality?

Well, it’s when one is moral or has morals.

What’s the definition of morals?

Webster says “of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior- ethical.”

Makes perfect sense.

Especially when Webster continues: “conforming to a standard of right behavior or sanctioned by one’s conscience.”

So, morality has to do with right and wrong.

Knowing deep in your conscience the right and wrong ways to go.


I thought our world no longer held the standard of absolute right and wrong, because God has essentially been removed from the public square.

Unfortunately, that’s true.

Our world has adopted moral relativism, meaning what is right for me might not be right for you.

They declare right and wrong are different for everyone, depending upon what they believe is right for them.

Think about voter fraud.

If you believe it’s right for your candidate to win, you’ll justify the fake votes, because that’s right for you.

Think about extended lockdowns.

If those in charge believes it is right to remove personal freedom for the good of the general public, then that is right for them.

Nothing will stop them as it’s right for them, even if it’s wrong according to the Constitution.

Think about politically correct speech.

If someone thinks it’s right for them to be whatever pronoun they desire, no matter their God-given gender, then it’s right in their mind, suddenly becoming wrong for you to object.

Think about abortion.

If someone thinks it’s right for them to kill their baby, they remove your right to protest as they deem you wrong.

When there is no standard of absolute right and wrong, societies always fail.

They crumble.

May God help us.

May God increase our strength and words, providing us His wisdom to stand up against the moral decline of America.

May He provide us avenues to stand up for His absolute truth, teaching our children to do the same.

May we not be afraid to speak up.

Oh, God, give us your strength to stop being silent.

Have mercy on our country.

You, God, are the Author of our liberty.

Long may our land be bright, with freedom’s holy light.

Protect us by Thy might, Great God our King!

Photos by Aaron Burden, Paul Weaver, Justin Casey, Luke Michael, & Martin Jernberg on Unsplash

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