What are you seeking after?

What would you give your life for?

What if this happiness costs you something.

Would it be worth it, whatever this is you seek?

Temporary pain for the greater good comes to mind.

Further college education classes last only a few months.

Haha, or years, but the reward is usually a better job and more money.

Exercise takes a few minutes each day with the gain of health.

Planning the holidays creates work but memories for years to come.

What are you seeking after at the cost of your happiness?

The position of self?

To be “right”?

An attitude, perhaps?

Is it worth it?

Been studying Augustine lately for a class.

Yes, the one from the 4th century.

His ultimate goal of education was the pursuit of happiness and peace of God.

He longed to hear God’s voice.

What if your goals were replaced with these?

The pursuit of God’s love and peace.

Is your pursuit creating peace in your soul?

Are you seeking after God to be your everything?

We were never meant to live alone.

Created for love, we were meant to live in community.

Community that ministers to us in the valleys and celebrates us in the hills.

Who do you answer to every day?

Your sweet self?

Or God?

Oh God, make us more like You.

Create in us a clean heart, seeking You with all that we are and listening for Your voice to direct our paths.

Photos by Oscar Helgstrand on Unsplash

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