Joseph and Mary

God interrupted their plans.

Big time, yes?

Joseph and Mary were ordinary people living a simple life doing normal things.

They had normal plans.

Get married.

Start a family.

Carve out the best possible existence with the resources they had.

They were not unlike all of us.

But God stepped into their lives, interrupting the journey they thought they would take.

God didn’t completely alter their plans, just changed it up, adding a baby, shepherds, Wiseman, and fleeing into Egypt in the middle of the night to avoid certain death.

But eventually, they settled into that semi-normal life they originally sought.

Normal if you can call it that while parenting the son of God.

What has God interrupted in your life?

This year has been full of interruptions.

I know, the interruptions aren’t from God, or are they?

Has God awakened your desire to know Him more?

To trust Him more?

Has God opened your eyes to see how much the world needs His good news?

Has your trust in God deepened as normal life has somewhat changed?

While God has not announced life altering declarations to you through an angel, He has allowed our lives to change.

Maybe only for a season, but they have been changed.

And because God holds all things, the past, present, and the future, in his Hands, we can trust Him through all of it.

I believe God has spoken to you through this time.

But you must listen.

Listen to His whispers of encouragement when you are filled with loneliness.

Listen to His domination over fear when you are filled with anxiety.

Listen to His great love for you when you feel abandoned.

Dig into the Bible, worship Him with praise, and purpose your mind to focus on Him and what you know He wants you to do.

Mary and Joseph did that.

They could have run away screaming from what God asked them to do when He stepped into their lives, interrupting their best laid plans.

But they didn’t.

They chose to trust in Almighty God and then obey.

Do the same.

Trust Him for your everything and then obey Him, knowing you are fully loved and fully known by God.

Photos by Annie Spratt, Maria Shanina, Josh Boot, & David Beale on Unsplash

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