Sitting Dignified

Are you?

Sitting dignified in your place?

Sometimes in life, we are less than.

Lowered into a status we did not ask for.

It might be a devalued relationship.

Or a job.

Maybe you were simply completely misunderstood.

Or maybe, gasp, they hurt you on purpose.

So, you sit.

You sit up, back straight, in your dignified place.

You are not affected by the mud slung your way.

You do not care.


Because you know Whose you are.

You are a daughter or son of the Most High.

The Most High loves you.

He died for you.

He is always with you, every moment.

He hears everything, absolutely every insult hurled your way.

He sees everything, all their eye rolls or ways you constantly bend over to pick up broken pieces nobody else seems to scoop up.

He knows everything, all your hidden fears, your secret wants, your tears shed in private.

Sit up.

Tall and straight.

God has it, will have it, and has already had it.

All of it.

All you have to do is smile as you sit in your dignified place.

And for heaven’s sake, straighten your crown.

Photos by Church of the King & Jared Subia on Unsplash

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