Are old Christians allowed to have smudges?

Smears and smudges on their hearts and minds?

Of course.

You know we all do.

Wait, what is an old Christian?

Not a new one.

One who has walked with God a bit.

A few days, years, or even a lifetime.



We all talk about new Christians, those babies who are new in their faith.

We give them lots of liberty because after all, they are just learning!

Not sure we extend the same grace to old Christians.

Or should I say more experienced Christians.

We make mistakes just like all the rest of humanity.

Our dedicated lives get distracted.

Our character becomes selfish.

Our moods are affected by other sour souls.

When this happens, rare as it is, what do we do?

It’s so not rare, am I right?  🙂

Psalm 51: 10-12 confirms the fact that humans need to renew their hearts continually before Almighty God.

David writes, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

David, the man who clearly was used by God several times in the Bible we still read today (think important person!), needed God to clean out His heart.

He needed God to renew God’s spirit within him.

To replace his selfish human-self with God, Himself.

Are you asking God for a clean heart?

To renew your spirit with His?

We cannot function without God’s power surging through our veins.

That, folks, begins with our heart and soul.

Freely ask God for more of Himself.

If David asked, so can you.




Photos by Cristian Newman & Clay Banks on Unsplash

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