First to Forgive



My forgiveness towards others should not be dependent on how sorry they are.

Or if they even ask my forgiveness towards them.

Because they might not.

Might not think they were wronged.

If you find yourself in this boat (and we all will time and again), you’re in great company.

My company, but that’s not who I want to focus on.


He’s our greatest example of forgiving others before we asked.

While suffering on the cross, Luke 23 records Jesus declaring, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Jesus forgave the people around him, while they were still hurling insults.

He forgave those who murdered Him before they repented.

Way WAY harder to forgive that than our petty situations.

And He forgave us before we ever asked.

He has forgiven us already.

But we must claim it.

We must ask Him for what has already been done.

Only then are we set free.

Only then are our sins wiped away.

In turn, YOU will be free when you freely give others forgiveness.

Who in your life has not asked forgiveness of you?

Have you already forgiven, exchanging the hurt for God’s peace?




Photos by Alireza Esmaeeli & Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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