Ugly Poster


What does it look like?

The big ugly poster you see when you begin to think poorly?

When you start dwelling on the nasty?

What does it look like?

Your big ugly poster.

Because you tend to hold it up too much.

You’ve seen it enough times to know what it looks like.

Mine really doesn’t have any pictures on it.

It’s mostly black.


Frankly, all it does is obscure my view.

My view of all my blessings.


Guessing yours is similar.

Sometimes the big ugly poster can change, adding hurt from the past.

Or dreams that were crushed.

Or people who have broken you.

Or situations you wish were different.

Guess what happens when you only see the big ugly poster?

Your mood becomes absolutely horrid.

Your fears begin to hold center stage in your vulnerable brain.

Hopelessness and despair become your companions.

Time to put it down.

With God’s help, put it down.

Tear it to pieces.

Train your arms to never scoop it up again.

And if you forget, throw it down instantly, as if it were poison.

Because it is.

Your big ugly poster is poison.


The antidote to fear is security.

Look around and see how God has provided for you.

The antidote to hopelessness is hope.

Open your eyes and see all the blessings God has poured out on you.


That’s the answer.

Remember God is in control and remember all He has done for you.

And will do.

Stand up straight.

Straighten your crown.

And smile.

And while you’re at it, step on that poster.



Photos by Kelly SikkemaCorinne KutzBrandi ReddJESHOOTS.COM, & Fiona Smallwood on Unsplash

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