What steals your peace?

Your joy?

What types of things get your goat, causing you to focus on the ugly?

Turning your eyes away from life?

Anything can steal your peace.

I’m guessing lots of things do with you, with me, with us.

They can be little stupid things, or big ones.


I love hanging things on my walls.

My husband not so much.

He prefers clean walls.

Me, too, but I also like a few pictures.

So, we compromise.

Could we let our differences steal our joy?

Of course!

One can justify lots of moods, can’t we?

But should you let it steal your joy?


Enjoy the compromise.


Yes, enjoy the compromise.

Let it change you.


Our new home is sporting natural Nebraska grass.

I think I even see a couple large sunflowers sprouting from the earth.

All around us are neatly manicured lawns with lovely sprinklers turning on every morning.

We notice them on our daily walks.

But not us.

We still have the natural grass, I mean weeds.

Tons of weeds.

Supposed to be finished a couple weeks ago, but there’s been rain delays.

That annoyance can steal our joy.

Pull our eyes away from the incredible home we now love.

Focus on the blessing, not the not yet completed annoyance.

Let it change you.


Forgot to unthaw the frozen chicken for dinner and now your hangry attitude is beginning to color your vision?

You can either be perturbed beyond belief, creating an atmosphere of toxicity or you can choose to focus on the yes.

Yes!  Food is readily available, easily obtained from another section of my ample pantry or convenient nearby drive-through.

I also don’t have to daily plan for hours, coaxing a fire or hauling water to feed my family.



Satan knows how to steal our peace.


Because he’s known you for years.

Wants you to be miserable.

So, the next time something pops up to steal your peace, say no.

Don’t let it.

Don’t let the joy stealer anywhere near your mood.

Focus on the Peace and Joy Giver, who created all things.

Focus on Him and the little annoyances will all fade away.

Today, I choose to focus on Him.

Will you?





Photos by W A T A R IKat YukawaJason LongTikkho Maciel, & Zhu Hongzhi on Unsplash

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