Sometimes God allows something to occur we simply cannot figure out.

Something unbelievable, even in-explainable.

Take Job for instance.

He was an upstanding citizen.

He was a regular sinful man, but he was righteous before God.

Doing all the right things.

Yet, God allowed his suffering.

Nothing Job did to deserve it.

God said so.

I have a dear student whose mother just passed away.

Suddenly, without warning.

One minute laughing, the other minute silent.

She was a strong Christian.

Wife, mother of two, volunteered her life for others.

So why did God allow her sudden death?

I cannot possibly figure it out.

Like Job.

I cannot understand why God allowed Job to suffer.

Why God allows any of us to suffer.

But I do know this:  God uses every situation to bring us and others closer to Him.

If we allow it.

If we don’t instead allow our selfish ways to usurp God’s path, turning instead to anger or self-pity.

But if we allow Him to work through us, eventually healing every wound.


Unfortunately, there is and will be so much unbelievable suffering in this world.

That is a given.

I think God needs some of His sheep to minister healing and peace to the pain of the world.

Not sure why He chooses some of us to have that job and not others…..

Frankly, it’s not for me to know.

God uses all situations, ugly or beautiful, for His purposes.

All we can do is trust Him in the process.

Trust Him to guide us.

And save us.

If God hand picks you to suffer terribly, allow yourself to grieve.

But bring God along for the ride.

His peace will cleanse your heart and mind.

Yes, your heart will never be the same.

But your witness will stand strong for others, giving hope and light in the utter darkness of the world.

Your light will pull others up from their knees.

Your peace will strengthen broken hearts.

Your faith will point others to the feet of Jesus.

Your living example of God’s redemptive power will break the chains of despair.

Chosen by God.

What an honor.



Photos by Delphine DucarugeGan Wien, & Robert Metz on Unsplash

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