Please Pray!


Oh precious Jesus,

Thank you for life.

For relationships.

For love.

Thank you for caring so much about us, that You gave up Your life.

For us.

Thank you for Your perfect peace, which passes all understanding.


Please surround my dear sweet student and her family.

As you know, they lost their precious mother last week during an accident.

They are devastated, understandably.


Please surround them completely with Your peace.

Your comfort.

Let them know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You love them.

That You are in control.

That You have their back.


Fill their minds with Your peace.

Fill their rest with sleep.

And fill their empty spaces with Your love.

Be real to them.

Be present with them.

Help them to lean on You as their Rock in the storms of life.

This is an epic storm, Lord.

Guide them to safety.

To peace and rest.

Securely guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

And bless them abundantly, as they are Your servants.

Be real to them, oh God.

Thank you, sweet Lord, for all You do.

Hem them in behind, beside, and before.

Comfort them in all their tears.

Secure their thoughts and hearts in You.

In Your precious name we ask, Amen.




Photos by Jon TysonOlivia SnowSamuel Martins, & Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash

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