What exactly is faith?


Faith in God is believing in Him.

Believing He will do what He says.

That He knows best.

Believing He has our back.

That He is leading us down paths of goodness.

Abraham had faith.

Faith when God told him to sacrifice His only son whom he had waited his entire life for.

The son that held the promise of generations to follow.

Yet when God asked Abraham to sacrifice this only son, there was no hesitation.

Because Abraham had faith.

Absolute faith.

Do you?


Jesus had faith in God as well.

When the time came, Jesus asked that the cup would be removed.

But He ended his prayer with, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.”

Faith in God’s higher ways.

Jesus had perfect faith in His Father’s plan.

Explicit trust.

Do you?


It all boils down to Whom you believe in.

With who or what you place your faith.

We all have faith in something or someone.

Even the absence of faith is faith that nothing is there.

Will you place your faith in yourself?

You will fail and so will the rest of the world.

No one is perfect except God.

Or will you place your faith in the One who created all things?

Abraham’s absolute faith.

Jesus’ explicit trust.

Both fully human.

We can, too.

Just ask.




Photos by eberhard grossgasteiger & Ben White on Unsplash

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