Empty Tomb

I came today.

I came to see my Lord.

With me I brought the best spices I could afford to place upon His body.

I still cannot believe He died for us.

For me.

He gave His life for us.

He literally paid for my sins.

I owe Him my life.

I pause at the bottom of the hill, catching my breath.

My Lord and I had such wonderful talks.

He taught me so much.

So many truths.

He valued me like no one has ever valued me before.

He gave me hope.


And now He’s gone.

I can’t think about that as I am in a hurry to bring my spices to the tomb.

I cautiously approach, not wanting to unnecessarily disturb the guards.

Suddenly, I stop.


The tomb is open.

There are no guards.

Wait, what?

I run into the tomb, spilling the spices onto the floor.

His body is not here.

Where is it?

What have they done with it?

I look down.

His cloth is here.

But He isn’t.

I stand, dumbfounded and still.

Suddenly I remember His story.

The one about His resurrection.

Could it be?



I sink into a heap upon the floor.


If Jesus said He would rise from the dead, then yes, He has.

But where is He?


Putting one foot in front of the other, I exit the tomb, searching the surrounding countryside with my eyes.

Peter, one of His disciples, runs up to me, so excited he can hardly breathe.

Catching his breath, he announces to me Jesus is not here, because HE HAS RISEN from the dead!


Searching his eyes, I realize he is telling the truth!

I hurry with him to join the others in the upper room.

As we gather, the empty tomb is excitedly discussed .

Then, all of a sudden, there He is.

With us.

He is here with us in the room.

In the flesh.



My Jesus.

He extends His hands to Thomas, who doubted from the beginning the entire story.

Thomas is instantly convicted, ashamed he ever doubted His Lord.

Filling with compassion, Jesus embraces Thomas and then all of us, one by one.

My Lord and My God is alive.

Fully alive.


He has conquered sin and death once and for all.


I run from the room unable to contain myself, shouting to anyone who will hear, “Jesus is alive!”

This news is too good not to share.

Everyone needs to know.


And now you know.

You are reminded that Jesus, your sweet Savior, is alive.


Now and forevermore.

He has paid for our sins.

All of them.

Yours and mine.

How will you share the good news ?

Because share we must.





Photos by Brooke LarkRod Long, Autumn Mott RodeheaverAaron BurdenIrina , & simon wood on Unsplash

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