Is God’s no His mercy towards you?

Is His answer of no an extension of His grace?

When we pray, we do not always get what we wish.

Our heart’s desires are not always given.

But isn’t that the mercy of God?

Doesn’t He know best?

alexandru-tudorache-17852-unsplash (1)

Sometimes an answer to prayer is no.

No doesn’t mean God has forgotten you.

That He doesn’t love you.

Sometimes His great love is shown to you through an answer you do not want.

Through His no.


So the next time His answer to you is no, remember His goodness.

His knowledge of time from the beginning to the end.

His desire to give you every good thing.

When Jesus prayed in the Garden for His suffering to be avoided, God said no.

It was no because God had greater things in store.

Jesus asked, but He also prayed for God’s will to be done.

God’s will done in your life might also mean no.

No for certain things.

But yes for others.

Pray for your heart to align with God’s.

So when His no arrives, you still expect nothing less then goodness from the heart of God.



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