Daily Effort


Walking in life-giving steps requires daily effort.

Deliberately stepping into what God has for you is a choice.

It’s rather easy to stumble, falling into death.


Walking into self-pity.

Agreeing with rejection.

Joining with unloving.

Listening to fear.

Satan knows our weaknesses.

Tempting us is rather easy as we are so used to succumbing to his pitiful ways.

We are so weak.

Yet, with God, we are strong.

So very strong, we have literally no idea.

No idea, whatsoever, what power is ours.

Power that can shut down the devil’s temptations in an instant.


Guard yourself.

Guard myself, how?

Writing down your precious blessings from God.

Listing scriptures which proclaim the truth of God over the lies of Satan.

Tuning into worship music, filling your brain with the praises of God.

Telling fear to go.

Cancelling the assignments of rejection.

Declaring God’s power over all.

Then stepping back in line with life.

The life hidden under God’s all-powerful wings.

But you must also choose to stay.

Choose to stay aligned with God.


Walking with God produces life.

He’ll take all of your fears and lay them to rest.

Believe Him.

Because He is life.

Your life nestled safely in His hands.




Photos by Olia Gozha & Ben White on Unsplash

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