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As our Father, God longs to comfort us.

Longs to comfort us, His children.

Whenever I’m terribly upset, this is what I picture:

God hears me.

He wants to help as my tears break His heart, too.

He reaches down and scoops me up from my puddle on the floor.

He holds me in His arms.



I lay my head on His shoulder and rest.

He hands me a tissue, reminding me not to worry.

Reminds me He’s in control.

He’s got my back.

He loves me and will never leave me.


After I am settled and calm, He puts me down.

Does he leave?


He’s always there.

When I laugh, He laughs, too.

When I’m sad, He feels my pain, too.

He understands.

He cares.

He knows.

All things.

Sometimes He can’t make it all better.

But standing with His peace helps me choose life.

How do you picture God’s comfort to you?



Photos by Danielle MacInnesMohamed Awwam, & Jude Beck on Unsplash

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