Real Life


Life is real, folks.


Super messy.


Broken world.


Lies of the enemy we believe.


Are you aware that when God created our world, death was not yet present?

The Garden of Eden was brimming with life.

Death was nowhere until sin entered the world.


The death that surrounds us takes many forms.

Depression or deep grief is like death as in it robs us of hours or days.

Death of dreams happen when life becomes twisted and hard.

When we no longer are able to choose what we wish, faced instead with choices we hate.

And then there’s literal death.

Loved ones who leave us.

Unknown babies who grow in heaven.

Not to mention our own selves.


Real life is not Instagram happy faces.

It’s not Pinterest worthy decorated homes or birthday cakes.

It’s not a perfect family photo.

Sometimes, it’s gut-wrenching grief.

But pulling yourself up and starting anew.

It’s homes that are not always happy, with laundry overflowing, and lop-sided birthday cakes made with love.

It’s usually perfectly messy homes that are loving and comfy.

It’s real family relationships with yelling and arguments, filled with selfish moments.

But family relationships which genuinely care and in the end, hug and love no matter what.

Real life is not perfect.

Real life is messy.

Frankly, it can be disastrous at times.

But when we all admit our imperfections, life becomes simpler.

No, we don’t have to live up to that imperfect expectation.

We’re not perfect.

But God, who created us and never makes mistakes, knew that.

He knows it.

And He loves us anyway.

Let’s stop pretending everything is OK.

Because when we admit it’s not, God steps in and fills our many cracks.

Me, I have lots.



Photos by Steve JohnsonAlice AchterhofMike Petrucci, & NASA on Unsplash

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