Where is my next victim?

I’ll pick him.

Over there.

The one looking at his phone.

I know… they are ALL looking at their phones, but I mean the one over there.

The kid wearing a striped shirt.

I’m going to whisper a doubt into his head.

Great- he looks concerned.

What do you know….looks like I succeeded.

It’s tomorrow and I’m at it again.

I see him getting ready for school, so let’s pile on the doubt.

Oh good, he thinks he’s the stupid kid walking around at school.

He just threw his things down in disgust at himself.

Let’s confirm the doubts and really take him down a few pegs.

Wait, he’s a Christian?

Not sure if that matters.

Look, we got him to skip praying, so I can move in yet again, confirming the doubts yet again.

No, instead, I’m going to double the doubts.


What is my name?


I tend to rule.

No, I do rule.

I have absolute power when folks give it to me.

How do they give it to me?

Succumb to the lies I tell them and don’t believe the truth.

I’m only silenced with the power of God.

But if I can get them to forget all about that, I win.

I am so used to winning, it’s almost boring.

I’m serious.

My job is so easy.

Oh no.

That kid I taunted is in Bible class.

He’s listening to the teacher proclaim victory over fear.

Let me quickly plant a doubt.

Shoot, he declared the truth in immediate response.

Now they are praying and he is agreeing.

Guess I have to leave him for now.

Time to find another victim.

Let’s try her…..



Photos by Issam HammoudiMichał Parzuchowski,  Ryoji Iwata, & Lukas Juhas on Unsplash

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