Disappointing People

pascal-lottenbach-1073272-unsplash (1)

Ready for a bombshell?

Mind blowing reality check?

People are not perfect.


People will fail you.


No, really?

We often become disappointed in people.

Could even say all the time.

It’s almost like we expect them to be perfect, especially in their actions towards us.

We expect people to act entirely better then ourselves.

It’s almost like we allow ourselves to behave however we please, expecting others to never falter. Ever


Whose standard are you holding yourself to?

I’m not asking for perfection from you.

You can’t be perfect either.

Just don’t expect perfection from others.

You do, and you’ll continually be disappointed.


Spread the grace of God you’ve been given to others.

Love them even when they fail you.

Even when they disappoint.


I can guarantee that you, in turn, also regularly disappoint them.

You’ll want the same grace extended from them to you, regularly, won’t you?

Give grace.

Walk in forgiveness.

And smile with absolute gratefulness at the blessings of those surrounding you.



Photos by Nicole Honeywill , Pascal Lottenbach , & Ivana Djudic on Unsplash

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