Horribly Disappointed

When you are horribly disappointed at something in life…

When there is not a thing you can do about it…

What then?

What is your response?

Wallow in self pity, relishing the mood of despair hanging over your head?

While that might be fun for a moment, it will send your mood straight into the toilet.



There is a better way.

I like to make a list.

A list of my blessings.

I try to keep it updated, but I admit, I do a horrid job at best.

Alternatively, you can also compare your bleak disappointment to something even worse.

That definitely puts things into perspective.

 The point is this: switch your focus to the precious things God has given you.

Like that list of blessings we all should have somewhere.

Or encouragement whispered to you from your dear friend or spouse.

Because, when you focus on the blessings instead of the disappointment, you will pass God’s test with flying colors.

And your mood will stay out of the toilet.

In fact, you’ll be quite pleasant.

Respond to life with grace.

Your example will be a stepping stone to God Himself.

A stepping stone to God instead of a stumbling block to Satan.

So, what will your next disappointment turn into…?

Life, or death?




Photos by Casey Fyfe & Matthew Smith on Unsplash

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