Voice of God


How do you listen to God?

Are your hands open, always ready to receive?

You can listen to Him during prayer, not merely filling every moment with your voice, but also sitting still in His presence.

He can also speak to you during sermons or while reading something that strikes you as profound, resonating with your spirit, which is God’s.

As I was listening to my eldest daughter yesterday, I heard Him speak through her.

It was advice I knew myself to be true, but this time I knew He was speaking to me.


Are you listening?

He can whisper words of life through your spouse.

He can remind you of His peace when life looks bleak.

He can direct your path through confirmation of circumstances.

He can convict you through any means necessary.

God wants to share His thoughts and plans with you.

He wants to be your Shepherd.

But you must seek Him.

Seek Him through devotions and prayer.

Declare yourself His.

And then listen.

Listen for His voice.

Feel His peace through your obedience to Him.

And smile when He confirms the plans He has for you.

I’ve never heard God’s audible voice.

However, I have known beyond a shadow of a doubt that He has spoken to me countless times.

And yesterday was one.

Listen always for the voice of God.

He will not disappoint.



Photos by Luis Poletti ,Casey Horner , & Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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