Uncertainty filling you up?

Brain overwhelmed with what ifs?



Yes.  It’s good.

Why is it good that I am filled with angst?

Because you are human.

Not capable of knowing the future.

It’s good to be reminded of our human frailty.

Sometimes our heads get so big, because we think we’re so great.

We are, but only nestled in God’s power.

Secure in His love and saving grace.

When your mind turns to worry about really anything, smile because you’re human.

Know who’s not?


God is infinite in time and space.

He’s the beginning and the end.

Creator of all things.

Including you.

He knows the beginning from the end.

He knows it all, so you don’t have to.

He carries the future, so you can stay in the now.


When you walk with God, He guides your footsteps down the path of life.

He knows what is at every corner, twist, and turn.

Since He knows, why should you?

Why should you worry?

Smile because you’re human.

Then keep smiling because you’re His.

He’s got this.

And all the rest besides.




Photos by Ben White & chuttersnap on Unsplash

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