It’s OK to be Sad



Yep, it’s ok.

Sadness is an emotion.

Just like happiness or anger or irritation.

Jesus was sad.

He was grieved for his people.

Do you think He was filled with joy in the Garden of Gethsemane before He was betrayed?

Not at all.

His spirit was greatly troubled (Matthew 26:37).

Sadness, deep sorrow is a real emotion.

God made us and created all of our emotions.

They are for a purpose.

A reason.

When your life crumbles, you need to grieve.

Your heart needs to heal, and that takes time.

How much time depends upon you and your needs.

Major life upheavals require a season of grief.

A winter of sorts where you rest.

If you choose to rest in the arms of Jesus, your recovery may be shorter.

A person can also become a bit sad for little reasons.

You might have an expected bill.

Your child doesn’t give you a hug before bed.

Gasp, your children ate the last of your favorite ice cream.

These are moments.

They pass almost as quickly as they come.

Dwelling on these little moments of sadness never really enters your mind.

The bigger moments, however, dig into your core and sadness can easily overtake you.

It can become your focus when a loved one dies, during a divorce, a job that evaporates, or an intense godly desire that never seems to materialize.

It’s in those moments that you have a choice to make…

Dwell on sorrow or experience the real emotion for a time, and purpose to move on.


You must grieve.

It’s an honest emotion.

It’s healthy.

But only for a season.

Don’t allow your mind to become stuck.

Resist the temptation to keep hitting the replay button for months and years.

You will take away years and the grief will become an idol.

Your identity will be wrapped up in grief.


Allow yourself a season of rest.

Of sadness.



But during that time, place your burdens and sorrow into the arms of Jesus.

He will fill your void, dry your tears, and give you little bursts of hope.

And when your season is over, a new day will dawn and your joy will return.

Just ask Him to help.

And I promise He will.



Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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