Rejecting Ourselves



Satan wants us to reject ourselves.

He will desperately try to confirm the lies he places in our head.

Allow me to say that again:  Satan will desperately try to confirm the lies he places in our heads.

He won’t usually tempt us by announcing himself amid large startling bangs.

The temptation to sin will sneak upon us until we do not even notice it’s existence.


There are many ways to tempt us, robbing us of our peace.

More than one way to skin a cat, my father always says.

Gross, I know, but the metaphor excellently describes life’s choices.

There are many ways to study for a test.

Many paths to success in your job.

Multiple menus to cook for dinner.

Way too many delicious coffee concoctions at Starbucks, but that is another blog entirely.


However, let’s be clear:  there is only one path to God.

Through Jesus.

Satan tempted Jesus, wanting Him to sin, not perfectly dying for our sins.

And like Jesus, Satan wants us for himself.

If we can be tempted one way, but suddenly wisen up, Satan can entice us another way with the same exact carrot.

And when that temptation dries up because we mature, there will be a hundred and one new and different ways Satan will continue persuading us.

And be assured, he will.


So be on your guard.

Every single day.

Be full of God’s power, rejecting the lies of the enemy, listening instead to the truth of God.

We are almost predictable in our human responses, so getting us to reject ourselves is actually easy.

But with God’s power in you, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, you can resist ANYTHING.

Rise up, and claim your victory in Him.

Stand firm, resting in the truth of God, rejecting the lies from the pit.



Photos by Giulio Magnifico & wu yi on Unsplash

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