How dare we believe the lies of who we are instead of the truth declared from God’s lips.

How dare we.

Yet we do.

We listen to the lies in our head deeming us inferior, sub par, and unlovable.


How is it we allow these lies to not only live in our heads, but listen and then also believe them?

And when we believe them, we act on them.

We walk around defeated.

We become the lies.

We become unlovable and reject-able because of our walls.

Why do we stoop to these lows?

Because at our core, we do not believe God.

We do not believe God’s truth about us.

We do not believe He really loves us with His whole heart.

We do not believe we were worth dying for.


If we do not immediately reject and bury the lie whispered in our head, it becomes cemented into our brain.

We begin to treat the lie as fact.


Listen instead to the truth.

God created you for love.

His love.

Relationship with the One True God.

He gave you life.

He chose you.

Live like that matters.

Live like He died only for you.

Live like the Creator of the universe longs to hang out with you.

When you place your trust in God, His heartbeat pulses in you.

And His heartbeat is full of truth.

Lies are dispersed.

Walls are broken.

Choose to believe.

Believe the heartbeat of God.

And dare those lies to leave.





Photos by Ben White on Unsplash



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