God notices you.

He formed you in your mother’s womb.

He watched you walk for the very first time.

He smiled when you spit out those nasty baby food peas.

He saw your tears when your first boyfriend broke your heart.

He has seen your godly ambitions materialize.

He has been with you through your babies, moves, and marriage.

He has noticed your desire to be valuable.

He knows your desire to be loved.

He sees your very heart and soul.

He sees your joys and sorrows.

He knows your heart’s deepest desires.


God, the Creator of all the universe, notices you.

And He has a plan, specifically for you.


And just like His very words said in Genesis after His creation burst forth,

He declares You, His creation, very, very good.




Photos by Keilidh Ewan  & Josh Boot on Unsplash

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