Always Right



Is this your attitude?

That you feel you are always right?

100% of the time?

Or most of the time?

I recently stopped at a red light near a major intersection in my town.

The turning lights began directing traffic to turn, and the van beside me also began to drive straight.

Avoiding a crash, it suddenly stopped.

The van’s license plate screamed out to me: Alwys Rit


Guess not!

Sometimes life is this obvious to others as to our misinformation.


Other times, it’s not.


Whether we are right or wrong.

The key is humbleness.

Knowing our place before our God.

The van?

When the light turned green for us to drive forward, it just sat.

The driver was completely embarrassed.

Thankfully with God, we can ask Him for mercy when we mistake our desires as correct over His.

And with others too, we can seek forgiveness.

No one is perfect, and we are certainly not always right.

Recognize when you are not.

Confess your sorrow to others when you mess up, thinking you’re all that.

And sink deeply into the grace God offers each and every day.

Isn’t it nice not have to be always right?



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