We are asleep.


Or maybe our heads are in the sand by choice.

We are consumed by things that simply do not matter.

Things that do not matter from the balcony of heaven.







Consuming more and more.

Building ourselves up to be all that and more.

Some of our busyness is godly.

Some is not.

Do we really need to work these many hours?

Aren’t we living in plenty, most of us void of true need?

Why do we place our phones before relationship?

Our television before communication?

When did we move from caring more about our image than praying for our children’s future?

Our children need us to be present.

Your spouse needs you to be mindful.

Why?  Because the noise around us is deafening.

It clamors for our attention, little as we now have.


Yes, we need to relax.

Yes, we need time to unwind.

But we must not forget the real reason God has put us here at this time.

To speak life into others around us.

To be on our knees before Him, placing others into His arms.

To continually lay our burdens at His feet.

Barefoot on the Sand

Our children need us to be in prayer for them.

Their precarious future depends upon it.

We can teach them God’s ways from the crib to graduation, but they must make faith their own.

They must choose God for themselves.

We must place our children before Almighty God each and every day.


God calls us to have fun.

Shopping is, I’m convinced, God-ordained (wink, wink!)

But when we loose focus of our top priority, we are of no use to God.

Our top priority is sharing His love with others.

We can do that through praying with others, giving to others, and having real, purposeful relationships with others.

Be mindful of why you are here.

Shake your fist in Satan’s face and declare that he WILL NOT distract you any more.

Purpose your heart to pray for your children.

Purpose your heart to give of yourself to others.

In doing so, your focus will shift from yourself to kingdom work.


The alarm has sounded.

It’s time to wake up, people!






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