Blessed By Trusting God


Barefoot on the Sand

Do you see God walking on the sea with you..

Through all the waves and rolling thunder..

And splashes of rain..

Unconcerned and certain all is well?

Even if you cannot see the seashore, nor know which way is north, God does.

His ways are higher than yours.

He longs for you to trust Him through the process.

Through the waves and calmness of the sea.

Don’t live day after day, wishing all of life’s issues were solved.

If you do, you’ll miss out on the blessing of trusting God with all of yourself.

You’ll miss the peace which passes all understanding, guarding your heart and mind.

God longs to have you now, so He can use you mightily through the process.


It’s easy to trust God when you can see the shore.

Even easier when the sun is shining, birds are singing, you’re looking great and your family is all singing the same tune.

It’s easy then to trust.

But it’s also easy to trust the wrong thing- yourself.

Watch out, because you might think you had something to do with the blue sky and harmonious waters.

The beauty in a storm is the child-like faith we cling to.

Necessary because there’s nothing else to do.

Peace is the reward.

Peace that comes knowing we can do nothing, that God can and will do everything.

He is in control, we are not.

Cling to Him in the storm and quiet.

Purpose your will and thoughts to trust Him completely.

Even if you cannot see the shore.

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