Not My Monkey



Not my monkey,

Not my circus.

Love that.

Means- it’s not my problem, said in an extremely funny way.

Whatever it is that threatens to pull me down….

Whatever it is that seeks to destroy my peace…

Whatever it is that begs to steal my joy…

It’s not my monkey, not my circus.

It’s not my issue, so I will not care.

I will choose to focus on God while I throw yet another issue at His feet.

The problems I think exist are not mine.

They are God’s.

My irritations I think plague me are not mine.

They are God’s.

They are God’s when I choose to fling them back to Him.

When I decide they are not my monkey, not my circus.

When I first discovered this phrase (thanks, mom!), I applied it only to things beyond my control.

Things that literally should not involve me, but genuinely bothered me.

After awhile, I began to realize this phrase covers really everything.

Everything that takes my peace.


Because God is in control.

I am not.

When we choose to rely on God and submit daily to Him, we rest in the knowledge that He alone holds our future in His hands.

And when He holds us and our future, we can stay in peace.

And peace evaporates when either a monkey or a circus intrude, wrecking havoc.

So, I began to repeat that phrase whenever I became irritated.

Irritated at whatever life threw me.

Because I trust God fully, He is in control.

And when He is in control, I am in peace.

This life is not my monkey, not my circus.

It’s God’s.




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