Don’t You Dare Stumble!

Ever feel like you are trying too hard?

Like you are holding everyone and everything up by yourself?

It’s precarious.

One small bump and everything can come crashing down.

Falling into pieces.

One word.


Let God carry everything.

He holds the entire world in His hands.

He can hold your world too.

You can’t control circumstances.

Reactions are others to give.

Yes, you can do your best.

And you should.

But leave the results up to God.

Stand in His peace, knowing He has your back.

He’s got it.

He’s in your hands as you care for your children.

He’s in your words.


And prayers.


I know, I’ve said this before.

Many times.

But we all need reminders, don’t we?

And here it is:

God’s got this.

He’s in charge, you are not.

So let Him carry whatever it is that is bothering your precious mind.

And just simply be.

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