Remembered No More

For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. Isaiah 65:17

As God’s beloved, He renews you.

Renews your mind.

Your thoughts.

Your new self covered under His salvation.

God wants you to live within His freedom from your previous ways of thinking.

The untruths you held dear.

The inadequacy that gripped you.

The fears that wouldn’t let go.

When a thought pops into your mind, do you immediately believe it?

If it tears you down feeling worthless, it’s not God.

God will gently bring you into freedom.

He only wants the best for you, so as you embrace His freedom, you’ll feel better and better.

Science shows us brain pathways can be retrained.

But you must cut the ties with your former ways of thinking.

Your former ways of thinking apart from God.

Cutting your connection with the untruth means you don’t think about it like you used to.

When an old nasty thought pops into your brain, you declare God’s truth instead.

If you’ve suffered from negativity, you begin to thank God for His goodness.

You look for it. Search for it, proclaiming He is good.

If you’ve suffered from fear, you thank God for His protection.

You remind yourself how perfectly safe you are under His wings.

If you’ve suffered from loneliness, thank God for His companionship.

You begin to list all the ways God sees you and knows you.

Start today.

As Isaiah reminds us, the former things will be remembered no more or even come to mind.

Declare the lies you previously believed gone.

The fear previously holding you gone.

Your mind is pure, covered in God’s truth.


Walk in the freedom God has already provided you.

You are a new creation, inside and out.

As you replace the old thoughts with God’s truth, your brain will remember them no more.

Photos by Mike TinnionPriscilla Du Preez, &Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

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