Living with Yourself

What would that be like?

Living with yourself?

Are you nice? Sweet? Generous? Loving?

Do you put others first before yourself?

Serve the other person the larger piece of cake?

Allow others into your life to bless them?

Or are you a bit mean? Angry? Standoffish?

Do you put yourself first, serving yourself the bigger dessert?

Keep to yourself, putting up a grumpy front so you aren’t bothered with others?

Are your moods up and down like the winds of the ocean?

Just wondered.

Sometimes we wish those we love acted differently. We wish they would think of us for a change.

But do you think of them?

Do you put them first?

Matthew 7:12 reminds us Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

Sounds like we should treat others how we would like to be treated.

Didn’t we all learn that in Sunday School? You bet.

Take a minute and try living with yourself.

Would you want to live with you?

I’d answer honestly absolutely and heck no. Depends on the moment if you want to know the truth.

Lord, help us to be as wonderful to live with as we think we are.

Live through us, helping us to deliver your goodness to all around us.

Photos by Sage Friedman, Milan Popovic, David Marcu, &  freestocks on Unsplash

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