Coasting Through Life

Are you coasting through life?

In it for the ride, surviving to live another day?

Or are you living with purpose, making each day count?

It’s easy in our world, to stay in our lane, creating comfort at all costs.

Unfortunately, those costs sometimes include relationships, serving others, or neglecting God’s very plan for our lives.

Did you know God has a plan for you?

Involves more than sitting around on your phone.

Or thinking only of yourself.

Are you pursuing it? Are you asking God what He wants you to do?

Oh, He can work without you, but He’d rather use you.

It’s better when you can be a part of what God does.

Are you intentionally pursuing God or your movie list?

Are you intentionally giving yourself to others or to your social media feed?

God wants all of you.

He wants your yesterdays, your todays, and your tomorrows.

Doesn’t mean you’ll be serving soup in the cold every day.

But you might a few times.

Doesn’t mean you will never relax with the TV.

But you might watch a little less, as you dig into His Word.

Doesn’t mean you will eat out less often.

But you might skip a couple, opting to give more to others instead.

Will you have to completely change? Neglect all the fun?

Nope. You’ll actually begin to desire what He has for you.

All boils down to asking God what He longs for you before bowing to your every whim.

Asking His spirit to heal your heart, allowing His love to flow through your fingers.

Asking Him to fill your thoughts with His wisdom, thinking of others before yourself..

And asking Him to guide your steps as you learn to walk step in step with Him.

Stop coasting, instead choosing to live intentionally for Him.

Photos by Clay Banks, Julian Hochgesang, & Rod Long on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Coasting Through Life

  1. Fantastic Amy. I am sending this to both of our children. Also, I lead a Bible study at the local nursing home weekly and yesterday we used your last weeks post in our study. It was so good too.

    Blessings on your day!

    Love, Aunt Ruth



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