Moms are the most underpaid, under acknowledged, under revered bunch.

Not only do we grow humans from within our bodies, we grow them in our hearts.

Children, whether natural or adopted, are extensions of ourselves.

We ache when they cry. We rejoice when they laugh. We cry when they fail.

I can remember my eldest. I had pre-eclampsia, so my feet were puff balls.

Literally swollen and blue if I stood too long, which means like a few seconds.

He was 2 weeks late and I labored all day and night for him.

Having no drugs, I can remember referencing Eve’s sin while in the throes of labor pains.

But when he was born, it was literally all worth it. The pain evaporated.

Motherhood is like that. Sacrifice. Emptying of ourselves for another.

There is no relationship like it.

When these humans become adults, we let them go. Off into the world, exploring for themselves under the protection of their childhood.

It’s no easier, folks. My eldest recently married the love of his life. Wasn’t there as they privately wed before a judge.

I love them so much, but it hurt not attending their wedding.

But it’s their choice. Sigh.

As mothers, we must do our very best. We continually sacrifice for them, whether it’s when they are small or grown.

Mothers are always there for their children. Not letting attitudes pass, but we are their constant.

Yes, we face multiple disappointments. But we are still there. A constant in their life like God is for us.

What an honor. Thank you God, for allowing us to be your hands and feet to others.

Help us to navigate the waters of motherhood as you would want us to act.

Fill in our cuts and bruises, which seem to reopen with a child’s actions.

Only with Your constant presence may we even begin to excel at this, the toughest job in the world.

For Mother’s Day, we mothers choose to honor God, our loving, constant help.

God, who gives us His strength, when ours is never enough.

God, who gives us His love, when ours is all used up.

God, who gives us His peace, when ours last nerve has been clearly trampled.

God, who hears our every complaint and joy, yet never chooses to leave our side.

God is our constant. Our everything. He will always be your faithful companion as you navigate the calm or troubled waters of motherhood. Give Him your family again today. He will make you a happier mother today.

Photos by Guillaume de Germain, Alexandra Fuller,  Ben White, & Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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